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The Digital Matters platform uses free interactive lessons and dynamic storytelling to help teachers engage young people in online safety lessons.

Following UKCIS’ Education for a Connected World Framework and created by Internet Matters, Digital Matters covers a range of online safety lesson topics ranging from cyberbullying to fake news to password security and more. It engages children through quiz-style and story-based learning while promoting discussion in the classroom to promote a safer internet.


How it works

The platform is divided into two sections: Interactive Learning and Once Upon Online.

Students start with Interactive Learning, led by their teacher, where they learn about the e-safety concept through small activities and discussion.

Next, they go onto Once Upon Online, either in the classroom or with support at home, and guide the character through choices using what they learnt. The story lets children make realistic choices in a safe environment to better understand the consequences of such choices along with what can be done if they find themselves in a situation like the characters so they can stay safe online.


At school and at home

Teachers who have an account can download free lesson plans about online safety and supporting materials for each lesson. These resources help teachers guide students through both the Interactive Learning and Once Upon Online sections. As a part of the lessons, there is a take home component to encourage parents to engage with their child’s internet safety education as well.

Parents can access the app on their own with access to a special Parent Companion Guide. This guide provides a little more information about the app and the topic to ensure they can support their child online. They can then follow the Take Home activity set by their child’s teacher, or they can lead their child through both sections.

Once Upon Online is designed to have different outcomes when different choices are made. Parents can choose to complete the Once Upon Online with their child a second time to help consolidate what their child learned at school, or they can complete the journey on their own and compare with their child’s journey. Digital Matters opens discussion about choices made online and how children can find support if they need it.

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ESET is a digital security company protecting millions of customers and thousands of businesses worldwide. We are dedicated to protecting the progress that technology enables, this of course includes our children’s safe progress through their digital lives, therefore we are happy to support the Digital Matters platform.

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