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Addressing online pornography

As a result of their curiosity, or by accident, children can find pornography fairly easily on the internet. Dependent on their age, it can be upsetting or confusing as pornography portrays an unrealistic image of sex and relationships.

Although industry and Government are working towards a solution to protect children from seeing porn online, understanding how your child may access it and what impact this can have on their emotions will help you prepare them for what they might see and build their resilience if it happens.

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A short video outlining what parents need to know to protect children from sexual content online.
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Use our guide to have age-appropriate conversations with children about online pornography to protect them.

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Learn about it

Find out about the impact of online pornography and what the law says

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Protect your child

Tips to have conversations and tools to prevent access to adult content

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Deal with it

What to do if your child is exposed to online pornography

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Where to go to get further help

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Need support to have age-appropriate conversations about sex, relationships and online porn? Amaze have created a ‘Having The Talks’ series with conversation starters and videos to help

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